I Want A Christianity That’s… Financially Transparent and Generous

Jesus said that where your money is, there will your heart be also. In other words, don’t listen to what someone says is important to them – check out their bank statement – that says it all.

I think people intuitively sense this and so a huge step for churches trying to rebuild trust with our culture is to become more transparent and generous financially. Churches should open their books and let people know where their money is going. Long gone are the days where we demand 10% of people’s income “because God said so.” Nope, you have to earn it now, otherwise it’s going to Charity Water or some other organization that we actually trust.

The key word here is trust. Churches need to rebuild trust with their communities and the culture at large. This is where generosity comes in. We’re looking for churches that exist for those in need, and who give till it hurts. Churches that we trust aren’t interested in a new BMW for the pastor or iMac computers for their lobby as much as feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. Consumerism is a sickness we’re trying to escape and it’s incredibly disheartening to find churches aligning themselves more with the practices of Wall Street then a Jesus who spent his life on behalf of the poor and the needy. The church at it’s best is a community that gives the finger to Mammon.

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